August 11th, 2011

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Matt's Inside Line: Booth's new partner

Bones | With Brennan quite pregnant at the time the new season arrives, watch for Booth to acquire a somewhat unlikely partner in crime solving. “Since Sweets is the only other FBI member of the team, that’s kind of what they’re setting up,” says John Francis Daley. “And Sweets is delighted about that, because he gets to play tough guy.” More practically (since Booth is frankly tough enough for the two of ‘em), Daley says that where Brennan focuses more on the anthropological side of interrogations, “Sweets deals with the psychological. He’s good at telling when people are lying.” Turning to truths, here’s a big one: “David [Boreanaz] is so great to work with, and we have so much fun working together,” effuses Daley. “We’ve had the great pleasure of being able to do it a lot this season so far.” I smell a spin-off: “Sweets & Sour”!