May 3rd, 2011

Baby talk in Thursday's episode

First Look Video: Bones Baby Talk Is Reborn!

Is Fox’s just-renewed Bones planting the seed for a Brennan pregnancy?

Two seasons ago, Brennan and Booth batted around the idea of conceiving a child together, but that storyline didn’t gestate for very long. Now, with series lead Emily Deschanel expecting in real life, there is a plum opportunity to revisit her alter ego’s ticking biological clock.

In fact, in this exclusive video clip from this Thursday’s episode, Brennan makes conspicuous note of the fact that with Angela due to deliver her and Hodgins’ baby any day now, she will be the only Jeffersonian regular sans child.

Press PLAY below to get Seeley’s take on how “easy” a fix there is to that situation. (Hint: It involves the word “bang.”)

(Click here because I can't embed the video)
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Ausiello: Paley panel, No cabs

Question: Any scoops on Bones? —Adriana
I can now confirm that Booth and Brennan will be spending the night together during May sweeps. The twist? Yours truly will be joining them! I’ll be moderating “An Evening with Bones” next Monday at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. The event is sold out, but go ahead and email me any burning questions you have for the cast and creative team and I’ll do my best to get them answered during the Q&A portion. That email is Use it, don’t abuse it.

Question: Will Brennan and Booth share a cab anytime soon on Bones? Hart Hanson tweeted a pic of the crew setting up the final scene and it has got me thinking that maybe we’ll get to see them finally leaving in a cab together in the final seconds of this season. I’m getting tired of seeing Brennan all by herself in the backseat of a cab while Booth stands on the sidewalk watching her going away. —Amanda
“No cabs,” responds exec producer Stephen Nathan. “Many bowling balls, but no cabs. Some screaming, a revolting body, and a Hodgela baby. But no cabs.” I think what he’s trying to say in a roundabout way is that there are no cabs in the finale.



I'm going to the panel on Monday, so I will definitely bring back pictures and any scoop! The site says we're going to get a screening of the finale, but we'll see.