April 22nd, 2011

[B] Don't forget the socks


Hear the one about the old man who turned into mullet-rocking, stone-wash-jeans-wearing bowler? Well, you’re about to.

The Bones season finale, as you might have heard (or read in the TV season finale preview in EW’s latest issue), takes place in a bowling alley where Booth and Brennan go undercover in the bowling world to solve a murder. At press time, the plan was to make Booth (David Boreanaz) into a 75-year-old bowler. That was until the team came to a sad realization just days before filming.

“We could not shoot the episode if he had the four hours in the makeup chair,” executive producer Stephen Nathan says of the team’s tight schedule, which juggled a young guest star who could legally only work 6 hours a day, pregnant star Emily Deschanel’s slightly curtailed schedule, and a tight filming window at the bowling alley. In the end, they had to cut the old man transformation from the plot, even after Boreanaz spent two hours getting a cast of his head.

Instead, the creative team opted for the aforementioned mullet and dated clothing, but Nathan assures: “He will be old next year at some point. We will definitely see David at 75, and we won't have to wait until he’s 75.”