January 19th, 2011

[B] squints in love

Ausiello: Hodgela baby, Gross body

Question: Any idea what the sex of Angela’s unborn baby will be on Bones? —Denise
Depends who you ask. According to series creator Hart Hanson, everyone in Angela’s inner circle will have a different opinion about the gender question. “Her father Billy Gibbons has a theory,” says Hanson. “The Finder — the guy at the center of the spinoff — has a theory. And Cyndi Lauper’s returning psychic (Avalon Harmonia) has a theory. And I’m not saying who’s right.” Here’s my theory: The new arrival will enter the world sans penis.

Question: Bones scoopage, please? —Dave
A spring episode features one of the show’s “most gruesome murders ever,” reveals EP Stephen Nathan. “It takes place on a body farm, and I had to postpone my dinner for a few minutes after [reading the scene].”