January 14th, 2011


EW Spoiler Room

I absolutely love Hannah but would love a non-related spoiler. Have you any deets on David Boreanaz’ sniper epi he directed? He is a fabulous director. Thanks. — Traci
As EW’s Mandi Bierly promised yesterday, we indeed have scoop on the much-awaited sniper episode, which is technically a series of three that will air during the rest of season. Executive producer Stephen Nathan tells EW that the first installment is the one where the Gravedigger story wraps up “in a way that was a surprise to all of us.” “The beginning of that [episode] could possibly be our most shocking act that we’ve ever done on Bones. It really did sort of [put to] rest the Gravedigger plot out of Bones and replace it with another one equally compelling.” He stops short of saying she bites the dust, but we all assume she does…right?

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