January 7th, 2011

[B] squints in love

Stephen Nathan on Booth-Brennan-Sweets Dynamic and What’s to Come for Hodgins-Angela

Are BONES’ Hodgins and Angela about to hit a rough patch?

Almost immediately after the news of Angela’s pregnancy broke, fans were warned that it might not be the easiest experience for the couple. And while viewers haven’t seen much of the pregnancy play out on screen so far, it appears the storyline will move forward in the second half of the season.

Give Me My Remote chatted with BONES executive producer Stephen Nathan about what’s to come for Hodgins and Angela, if Hodgins has been hiding some secrets, plus the complicated, shifting relationships between Booth, Brennan and Sweets…

When I talked with Michaela Conlin (Angela), she teased something — aside from the pregnancy — would be going on with Angela and Hodgins. Is there anything you can share about that?
Stephen Nathan:
Really what I can say is all pregnancies have their ups and downs. And all couples have huge emotional ups and downs during the pregnancy and Hodgins and Angela will be no different. They will be forced to confront a whole new life that’s coming, that’s going to be presented to them and there could conceivably be difficulties along the way. And we want to see how a good solid couple like Angela and Hodgins deal with something like that. Was that vague enough?

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