October 21st, 2010

[B] Don't forget the socks

BONES Spin-Off in the Works

Well, this is interesting.

As Deadline TV first reported earlier today, Fox has confirmed to Give Me My Remote that BONES is about to be spun off into a new potential series.

BONES will apparently introduce a new character, named Walter Sherman — aka “the Locator” — in an upcoming episode with the intention of having him headline a brand-spankin’ new show. Word is, BONES mastermind Hart Hanson will be responsible for creating the spin-off.

The actor — who has yet to be cast — playing the character of Walter is scheduled to begin shooting on December 6th and first appear on the series sometime in 2011.

The network pulled a similar move a few years back when they introduced the character of Lucas on HOUSE, with the intention of spinning him off into his own private investigation series, but it never came to pass. It is worth noting that the writers did like Lucas enough to keep him recurring the following season.

So what will this new dude on BONES be like?

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