September 16th, 2010


Latest from Ausiello!

Question: Can I have a scoop on Bones please? —Pauline

The rumors are true: Angela, who had a little pregnancy scare last season with boyfriend Wendell, is actually having a baby with husband Hodgins. Actress Michaela Conlin expects Angela to “weave in some of her craziness” to their impending parenthood. “I think we may see her interviewing some doulas and wild pediatricians and things like that. And hopefully, she’ll be eating a lot of weird stuff,” Conlin says. “I think it’s going to be nice to see another side of her this season.”

Question: I love Sweets on Bones, but I hate to see him get the short end of so many sticks. Any news on what’s in store for him this season? —AJ

A possible reunion with Daisy is in store—provided he’s able to forgive her for choosing her career over him. “He’s taking baby steps to finally let [Daisy] back into his heart,” reveals Sweets’ portrayer, John Frances Daley. “He has a very fragile heart. He’s been through a lot. Obviously, they have very strong feelings for each other, and they can’t really stay apart for too long—as we establish [in he premiere]. He’s a good guy generally, so I think ultimately, yeah, he’ll take her back.”

I love that Hodgins and Angela are exploring alternative birth methods. Maybe a rare TV homebirth?