September 14th, 2010


Small spoiler from Fancast

I’m jealous that you got to see the ‘Bones‘ season premiere! Might there be a tiny nugget of something you can tease us with? – Andrea via Facebook

I had to laugh (and tweet about it) when Caroline, during a bit of a pep talk for the reunited Jeffersonian team, referred to them as “the Scooby gang.” As fans of David Boreanaz’s previous work as TV’s ‘Angel’ know, Buffy Summers and her buds sometimes adopted that nickname.


David Boreanaz heads back to the director's chair

That new TV girlfriend isn't the only addition to David Boreanaz's plate this season on "Bones." The star and executive producer will also direct two of series' upcoming 22-episode order.

A FOX representative confirms to Zap2it that Boreanaz is scheduled to direct multiple episodes later in the season, which TV Guide's Damian Holbrook first tweeted about, indicating episodes 10 and 16. Clearly, it's too early to spill on possible storylines, but given his directorial track record they could either be one-off mysteries of the week -- or game-changing episodes that will change the very fabric of television.

After all, Boreanaz has twice taken the helm at "Bones" before -- once, in Season 4, with the relatively uneventful "The Bones That Foam" and then in Season 5 he tackled the sizable responsibility of directing the series' 100th episode, "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole."

You might better remember that last one as "The Time He Professed His Love to Her and She Stomped on His Heart in Front of 10 Million Hysterically Sobbing Viewers."

I couldn't help but LOL.