August 19th, 2010

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David Boreanaz: Brennan Needs to Chase Booth in Season 6

After last season’s much discussed BONES season finale, Booth will return to D.C. having made some changes in his life.

But what did the man behind Booth have to say about these new developments?

GIVE ME MY REMOTE caught up with David Boreanaz (Booth) to find out what brings Booth back home, to get his take on Booth making Brennan jealous with his new girlfriend Hannah, and to hear why he’s ready for Booth to be kicking a little more butt this season…

Booth obviously had a lot going on while he was apart from the Jeffersonian team. Will we see any other changes in him aside from his new relationship?
David Boreanaz:
He’s definitely changed, because he’s more confident in his grasp on what’s going on in front of him. And obviously [with] his interactions with Bones, he’s going to be like, hey look how great my life is, I’m going to try and make you jealous, look who I have. [He's going to] try and turn the tables around a little bit, cause that conflict.

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