July 14th, 2010

[B] At the diner.

Ask Ausiello: Only a 7 Month Break

Question: It’s my birthday! Bones scoop would be a fantastic gift. —Talitha

So much for that one-year jump forward. I hear the gang will have been gone for just seven months when Caroline summons Booth and Brennan back to the Jeffersonian in the Sept. 23 season premiere to help Cam solve a controversial case — and save her job in the process. “The first episode begins with Brennan and Booth reuniting with the squints to save the career of one of their own,” confirms exec producer Stephen Nathan. “They each bring a new past with them as they forge their old alliances in new ways.” Bonus scoop: We may get to see Booth play hero in Afghanistan!


If you read the sides from earlier today, you already knew this, but still. :)