March 17th, 2010

adorable post-hair-flip

New Ask Ausiello Tidbits

Question: Thanks for the all-Bones AA, but how could Caroline have helped with their first case when Brennan didn’t meet her until the season 1 episode, “Man in the Morgue?” – Hank
Don’t you worry. Bones‘ continuity policy covered their tracks with one simple line, delivered by Booth to Brennan.

Question: I noticed via Twitpic that you not only received the 100th episode of Bones, but the 99th as well. Any scoop — especially about page 187? —JR
There’s actually a little page 187 nugget in my all-Bones AA. Yes, I realize I billed the column as being strictly about the 100th episode, but I accidentally intentionally included a little 99 scoopbit to see if you were paying attention.

Question: What was the most shocking moment in Bones‘ 100th episode? —Diane
The one that prompted Sweets to declare, “My book is crap!”