February 25th, 2010

[B] Dancing bones., [Dance] Dancing bones

Ask Ausiello

Question: Please tell me that you have at least one little morsel of a Bones spoiler. —Carrie
An April episode set at a rock & roll fantasy camp will feature enough testicle talk to make my high school sex-ed teacher Mrs. Sturke blush. It’ll also find Booth and Brennan “reprising a song they have sung on the show before,” hints exec producer Stephen Nathan. Guesses? Head to the comments!

Questions: Could I please, pretty please, have something about Angela and Hodgins on Bones? Please, with a cherry on top? —Dew
Exec producer Stephen Nathan says look for the Hodgins/Angela/Wendall imbroglio to get “stirred up” in coming weeks. “Obviously it’s a very complicated triangle, because Hodgins and Wendall are very good friends,” he adds. “And now Angela is sort of in the middle of this situation, and re-examining her relationship with Hodgins.”

Question: Now that we know Booth is getting a little action on Bones, what about Brennan? —Sydney
I hear there’s a second date with Hacker in her future.