February 23rd, 2010

[B] In Trouble with Cam

Ausiello exclusive: Cam's new BF is 'Stacked'

Make no bones about it: Cam’s getting a boyfriend on Bones!

Actor-comedian Elon Gold — best known from Fox’s short-lived Pamela Anderson sitcom Stacked — is joining the cast as a love interest for Cam.

As exec producer Stephen Nathan recently teased, Cam will meet her new beau “in a very bizarre way.” He added that the romance “complicates [Cam's] relationship with her adopted daughter, Michelle.”

Elon’s potentially recurring gig kicks off in April.

Thoughts? Happy that Cam is getting a juicy storyline and a little nookie-nookie to boot?

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[B] squint in disguise

Creator Hart Hanson teases the season finale

"Bones" creator Hart Hanson sure knows how to whip his show's fans into a tizzy.

Earlier today he sent out a twitpic of his computer screen accompanied by the following message: "How the season finale looks so far today."

While the screen was mostly blank, it did reveal the title of the episode: "The Beginning in the End." It's worth noting that this is eerily similar to the title of last season's controversial finale, "The End in the Beginning."

What could this mean?

Clearly, something.

Will this year's finale push Booth and Brennan closer to becoming more like the alternate reality personas we met during last year's season ender? Remember, they were married with a kid on the way in the AU.

We want to hear your theories in the comments section.

Because, frankly, we're going a little nuts trying to figure this one out.



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