February 4th, 2010

[B] I got you baby.

Zap2it: Stephen Nathan on bringing the Gravedigger to justice

Ever since the Gravedigger buried Brennan and Hodgins alive back in "Bones" season two, fans have begged for justice to be served.

The "Bones" powers-that-be haven't exactly turned a deaf ear to their calls, finally unmasking and catching the culprit last season (after she kidnapped Booth and left him for dead).

But after torturing so many of "Bones"' beloved characters, we'd like to see the woman really pay.

So when show creator Hart Hanson teased at Comic-Con that the beginning of season five would bring not only a trial for the Gravedigger, but also reveal the contents of the letter Brennan wrote when she thought she was about to die, fans were understandably excited.

But seeing as the "Bones" crew will soon be preparing for the final stretch of the season -- and we've yet to hear anything more than a few cryptic tweets on the Gravedigger subject from executive producer Stephen Nathan -- KTV decided to investigate.

"We're exploring that [episode] idea because the Gravedigger, as the fans know, was set free," Stephen explains in the clip below. "And we're thinking there might be an attempt at trying to bring her to justice. To get rid of her once and for all. Whether that will be successful or not, we're not sure."

And what about that infamous letter? Most fans assume it was written to Booth, but Nathan was very coy on the subject.

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