January 21st, 2010

[B] Cutest co-stars ever.

Zap2It: Hart Hanson talks Josh Malina, Twitter, plus Booth and Brennan in the 100th episode

There's a lot going on on "Bones" this season.

Booth's post-brain surgery struggle to contain his feelings for Brennan has introduced a new layer for the show to explore, and with the series' 100th episode coming up, plus a few familiar faces returning, we decided we'd check in with show creator, Hart Hanson. You know, just to see how things are going...

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-Reporting by Marisa Roffman
January 21, 2010 12:15 PM
[B] Girls just want to have fun.

TV Guide Exclusive: An American Idol Rocks Bones!

Move over, Simon Cowell. There’s another Fox show that has a taste for Idol talent.

While discussing Bones’ Feburary 4th trip to an insane asylum (see next week’s TV Guide Magazine), series creator Hart Hanson also sang the praises of his show’s fans…and gave us an exclusive tidbit sure to put a happy tune in the hearts of American Idol devotees, as well.

“What a diverse bunch,” he said, marveling at the wide array of viewers he’s encountered online. “Every once in a while I’ll click on a follower on Twitter to see who they are, and what a diverse bunch! Here’s a 16-year-old girl…and then [there will be] a 75-year-old man. And then Sarah Silverman and Kelly Clarkson—both of them within two weeks tweeted about how much they love Bones. And they are not similar human beings!”

Informed that another Idol champ, Jordin Sparks, had recently posted on Twitter her fondness for the Fox crimedy, Hanson happily confessed that Miss Sparks would soon be sharing space with the Jeffersonian team.

“Well, I think it’s OK to say that she’s going to be [on] it,” he said, quickly shooting down our suspicion that the season-six winner would factor in to the music-themed episode tied to the Fox Rocks sweeps stunt.

“No…I can’t tell you where or when [yet] but she’s going to be on the show.”

So cool! How would you like to see Sparks turn up on Bones? As a singer? Or in a dramatic role, like Cyndi Lauper’s guest turn earlier this season?