January 20th, 2010

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Ask Ausiello: Pregnancy, 100th ep, Angela/Wednell

Question: I watched last week’s Bones very carefully but there was no positive pregnancy test in sight. Next week’s episode, maybe? Or is it just happening this season and you don’t know the exact episode? —Sofia
Ausiello: My bad. I got my dates mixed up. The positive pregnancy test happens in this week’s episode. In my defense, I’ve been a little busy with press tour. And the Golden Globes. And a lot of other important stuff, so get off my case, dammit.

Question: Any scoop on Bones? – Manu
Ausiello: The most shocking thing about the upcoming 100th episode is “how much Booth and Brennan really like each other when they initially meet,” reveals exec producer Stephen Nathan. “And to see the evolution of that relationship through the case, and how it changes their relationship for the next five years, is interesting.”

Question: My guess is that Angela and Wendell will be the couple that gets married on Bones. Am I right? —Sandra
Ausiello: I was scanning the transcript of my recent interview with exec producer Stephen Nathan for clues, and here’s what I found: “The story with Wendell and Angela has evolved to a point where that is a more complex relationship than just an intern that comes and goes. And we will be resolving that in the second half of the year.” Thoughts? I think his use of the word “resolving” is key. Sounds like they’re headed for a breakup, not a wedding. But that’s just me spit-balling.