January 13th, 2010

[B] BB and baby makes 3.

Ask Ausiello: Brennan's maternal instincts

Question: I’m psyched that Zack is returning for Bones‘ 100th episode, but I’d be more psyched if he was coming back full-time. Any chance of that happening? —Carrie
Ausiello: “We have no plans for him coming back full-time,” says exec producer Stephen Nathan. “The way the interns are working out now is so great for us. We have the opportunity to use so many wonderful actors.” As far as Zack’s role in the 100th is concerned, Nathan says we’ll see “Booth’s first introduction to Zack and how he formed his very odd opinion of him.”

Question: What happened to Brennan’s maternal instincts on Bones? —Ed
Ausiello: She’s still got ‘em! “You can’t un-ring a bell,” says e.p. Stephen Nathan. “That’s something she will always come back to. It won’t be a major focus for the rest of this season, but it’s something that we will revisit.”