October 19th, 2009

[B] bored

Matt Roush: Long break due to baseball, Angela and Brennan's fight

Question: I am a huge fan of Bones and I was wondering if you could confirm that after the October 15 episode there will not be any new episodes until November 12? I was wondering if you might know why such a long break? I love this show and I am really excited about this season and I am curious the reason.—Nikie

Matt Roush: Hello, post-season baseball. It’s that simple and that frustrating to a show’s continuity. Ever since Fox became the World Series network, it has had to deal with the fact that many of its shows have to sit out several weeks just when the momentum is getting going. (This is one major reason why a show like 24 doesn’t premiere until January.) According to a contact at Fox, depending on how the post-season games play out, there may be an episode of Bones on Nov. 5, but it may not be an original, since it can’t be scheduled and promoted until everyone knows how many games are going to be played.

Question: I read where Brennan and Angela get into some sort of fight on Bones and was wondering if you knew what it is about and/or when it will air??—Brooke

Matt Roush: Here’s where I like to remind everyone, at this tender early stage of the new season, that I’m not in the spoilers business. I’m happy to speculate and react about what’s happening on various shows, but I’m not in the habit of giving things away, preferring like most people to be surprised. But since I was looking into Bones anyway, I passed on this question and discovered that Brennan and Angela do have a temporary falling-out in episode six, which is likely to be the first episode back after the World Series. What causes their clash I don’t know, but as you’d expect, Booth gets caught in the crossfire of their disagreement. And I have to assume that it won’t be long before they’re all making up (if not making out, because that would be a very different show).

- Ask Matt