August 12th, 2009


Bones Gets "Wackies?"

Megan in Washington, D.C.: Did I hear a rumor that there might be more fresh faces on Bones?

You know how the lab has a rotating door of "squints," er, assistants? Well, David Boreanaz, who, don't forget is also a producer on Bones, recently told us that they are thinking (just thinking) of having a revolving door on his end of the game as well.

Here's what he had to say...

"We are also investigating doing it with the FBI now, which I think is really interesting because we have the squints, but we haven't seen much of the wackies in Booth's world," said David at TCA last week. "We just worked with Christopher Duncan. He's a great actor, and he brought so much to the show. He brought such an identity, and what's great about the experience of working with these guys is that they open up the realm of possibilities. To see how these two characters work off of them, how I would react to squint or how she would react to an FBI guy, and it really just opens up the character work."

What do you think of the new castings? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Televisionary Talks to Hart Hanson About "Bones" Season Five

Wondering what's going on with Booth? Why Brennan ran off to Guatemala? With whom Angela will end her celibacy vow? You've come to the right place.

I caught up with Bones showrunner/executive producer Hart Hanson last week at the FOX party at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour in Pasadena, where I grilled him about Season Five of the FOX drama series.

Among the Bones-related topics under discussion: Booth's mental state when Season Five begins and his fantasy life, Hanson's reactions to fan complaints, Angela's celibacy vow, whether we can expect to see Stephen Fry reprise his role as Dr. Gordon Wyatt, Cyndi Lauper, new characters, the 100th episode, a return trip to London, and more.

But don't take my word for it. Dig in for my exclusive interview with Bones' Hart Hanson below.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
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Ask Ausiello: Angela and Brennan’s friendship is tested

Question: I watched all your Bones Comic-Con vids and I didn’t hear one question asked about Angela and Hodgins. Sad day. Got any scoop on where they are headed next season? —Shanna

Ausiello: Good news: When it comes to Ang and Hodg scoop, my Press Tour vids succeeded where the Comic-Con ones failed. Check ‘em out. And here’s a bonus Angela scoop for your trouble: Exec producer Hart Hanson tells me that early in the season Angela will break her vow of celibacy with a man. “It’s someone we’ve seen before,” he teases. “I just told Michaela who it was and she shrieked.” It’s probably no coincidence that in the same episode, Angela and Brennan’s friendship is tested like never before. “Angela and Brennan have a big fight,” Hanson reveals. “Their friendship is deeply challenged. It’ll be the first time that Brennan realizes that being totally rational about something isn’t necessarily being a good friend. And every time she has done that in the past, Angela has come around and excused Brennan’s behavior. This time, if they’re friendship is to be maintained, Brennan has to take a step toward the irrational.”