May 11th, 2009

Ausellio loves torturing us doesn't he?

guess which show each of these is for .....

Number of couples tying the knot: 4
Number of positive pregnancy tests: 2
Number of couples (maybe) having sex for the first time: 2
Number of confirmed fatalities: 7
Number of first-time love confessions: 2
Number of possible fatalities: 4
Number of babies born: 2*
Number of presumed-dead characters returning (in the flesh or as a hallucination): 3
Number of characters sent directly to jail (or taken into custody): 4
Number of former loves resurfacing: 1
Number of Cyndi Lauper cameos: 1
Number of characters converting to Scientology: 0
Number of car crashes: 2
Number of characters institutionalized: 2
Number of first kisses: 2

I'm guessing no.3 in the list and Cindy Lauper is related to Bones...