December 3rd, 2008

Dydia Judging You

Ask Ausiello Spoilers

Okay So I know I spoilers are often misleading and I still firmly believe that but this was too good not to share. My comments are in between the ** 

Question: I'm so sick of seeing the words "Grey's Anatomy" in your column every week! How about you dig up some dirt on Bones for a change? -- Jordan
Bones… Dig… Dirt… That's the kind of genius play on words that inspires big-time scoopage. It was a year ago that Bones planted a wet one on Booth, so the time seems right to grill exec producer Hart Hanson about the eagerly awaited follow-up smooch. When is it happening? And will this one be real -- as in, not part of some bet? "I think we'll do a little better this season than just an actual, real kiss," Hanson teases. "But you tell me in about three months whether we've succeeded or not. There are a couple of things I've already said they'll do: I've said they'll be naked in bed, and I've said she will ask him to father her child. So, I think we're moving toward something bigger than just a kiss." What could possibly be bigger that sucking face? Yep, sex was my first guess, too. "The truth is," Hanson counters, "if [two people] share a kiss and they're in their mid-'30s, how long is it going to be before they consummate? My intention is to keep [the audience] very frustrated." Getting back to the how long before they consummate question, I'm thinking May sweeps. Why? Keep reading...   *Does that mean they are going to sleep together?*

Question: I'm skeptical about Bones and Booth being in bed together naked. Is this a big fake-out? -- Kelly
Depends what you're definition of the word "fake-out" is. While Hart Hanson confirms that the pair will definitely end up in bed together naked (most likely during May sweeps), he refuses to disclose the context, except to say, "It's not free of encumbrance. It's not free and clear. Nothing is easy on Bones."    *HUH!?!*


Question: I've heard more Bones scoop from my dog than you, Ausiello. Please give me something!  -- Emily
Oh, yeah, well... did your dog tell you that Papa Booth's coming to town! 'Cause he just might be some day maybe! Explains Hart Hanson: "Booth has some issues with his dad, so we may bring in his father this season. We also talked about having his grandfather show up, but I'm not sure that will happen."   *Now that would be awesome, I'd love to see Booth's character developed further and see Bones supporting him like he's always supported her.*