March 22nd, 2007

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From David's Blog:

March 21, 2007

Wrapping Up Season Two, Moving Into Season Three

I’m shooting a scene tonight with Ryan O’Neal, which will be cool. It’s a fight sequence we have which is the final episode that Hart Hanson wrote. So, um, it’s been a long week cause I only have three more days left. Oh, four days. So it’ll be good to get some time off. The episode centers around a lot of things. People going places, there’s a wedding involved…Booth and Brennan are confronted with a few things. But I think those will lead them into a strong third season, relationship-wise. I know they’ll continue on with their therapy, which I think will be a springboard to season three.


From E! - Kristin:

A regular character we know and love goes somewhere sandy and screwed-up for his or her summer vacation. She or he will very likely come back significantly changed...And yes, David Boreanaz is having a sex change. (Kidding!)