December 7th, 2006

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Episode 2.14 info from David

From David's Blog on the Fox site.

Dec. 1st 2006

We're on day 5 of 8 of episode 14, "The Man in the Mansion," which is coming out great with Dwight Little directing. We get back into the courthouse, then you see some more stuff with my therapist and Carolyn Julianne, who is a great character, played by Patricia Belcher, who I really like working with. There's some insight into Bones and maybe the possibility of another guy sneaking in to take her on a date and maybe even more… who knows? All the while Booth is going through some difficult stuff.


I think the key for our show now is enhancing our relationship, myself and Bones. Getting in there and making the whole thing grow with each other, it's really becoming something nice and that’s what we're building on.