November 1st, 2006

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From this interview with Eric Millegan:

Just the other day was fun! Yesterday we were doing an episode where Brennan and Hodgins were kidnapped and we're going to a parking garage where they were taken from. It was the first time that it was an odd combination of people looking for evidence as to what happened to them together since it was Cam, Angela and I. It also had an urgency to it since my character was dealing with two of the closest people in his life, my best friend and my supervisor. It was very emotional in a way where we had never been this emotionally attached before because of doing the pilot and how quickly we clicked, how quickly we all got along.

Did anyone else's heart break over Hodgins and Angela tonight? The perfect date and then it's just too much to lose. They're so adorable together. I hope things aren't completely awkward between them now. There's got to be a big reaction from her when he gets buried alive in a couple eps, right?