September 15th, 2006

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From Kristin at E!

"I'm fighting a cold that David [Boreanaz] gave me." This is what Emily Deschanel tells me of her status on the set of Bones, and it turns out Emily's sniffles may reveal a squealworthy plot point for the couple everyone wants to see get together--Seeley (Boreanaz) and Bones (Deschanel). "We have a really sexy scene coming up, where it gets hot and steamy," Emily says. "But we get interrupted by someone." Personally, my money's on Jessica Capshaw, who is coming in for a compelling arc this season. "She's the mother of my child, Parker," Boreanaz says, "and she comes in and beats my ass. The first words out of her mouth are, 'Seeley, you son of a bitch!' So, it's all about Booth's women this season. It's gonna be great."

Dude, do you think we get to see them kiss in this Vegas ep or something? I would squeee so loud.